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  • How do I pick the right counselor?
    The counselors at Insight Counseling of Chesterfield have a wealth of knowledge and all come to us with great levels of experience and compassion. Initially, it may be important for you to pick a counselor based on their area of expertise. If you contact a counselor and they feel that you may benefit best from a different counselor, they will communicate that to you. They will then provide you with the necessary information to connect you with the counselor that may be a better fit for your specific needs.
  • Are you taking new clients?
    That depends on the counselor! There are times when our counselors schedules are full. However, if that is the case for the specific counselor that you are contacting, they will discuss other options for you. For example, those options may be connecting you with another counselor in the practice or scheduling an appointment for a later date when they will be accepting new clients.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    You are welcome to call/email the main office or a specific counselor individually. The contact information for each counselor is listed within their bio on this website. If you would prefer to call the main office, please call 636-220-9100 and follow the prompts to contact your specific counselor. If you do not have a specific counselor in mind, please contact the main number and leave a message in the main mailbox to receive a callback. We can help to connect you with the counselor who may be the best fit! Please know that it may be a full 24 hours before we are able to return your phone call or email.
  • How many counseling sessions will I need?
    This is very dependent on you! The amount of sessions needed are ongoingly assessed throughout sessions and are based on self reported progress and counselor assessment. Make sure to speak with your counselor about your progress!
  • Do I have any paperwork to fill out and bring in?
    When you have made an appointment with one of our counselors, they will ask you to provide them with your preferred email address. They will send you an email or provide you with information on where to go and how to create a profile in a client portal. All counselors choose the portal platform that they prefer to use and therefore have their own system of how you register as a client.
  • What do I do when I get to your office?
    Once you enter the main building, head to suite 130. Once you open the door to our suite, you will be entering the Insight Counseling waiting room. Please have a seat in whichever chair you feel the most comfortable! No need to let anyone know that you have arrived. Once you open the door, there is a low volume doorbell that gently alerts our counselors when one of you arrives. Your counselor will be with you soon and will then take you to their individual office. Please know that while we all work very hard to be on time, there may be a few minutes of overlap. All of our clients are equally valuable and will be provided the same level of care. Please be patient with us and we will be with you shortly!
  • Is the waiting room a safe place?
    We strive to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable from the moment they walk into our offices. For this reason, we ask that everyone be kind and understand that all of our clients are there for their own reasons. All of our clients are worthy of privacy and confidentiality. We ask that if you see someone you know, please keep that information to yourself.
  • Are your sessions in person only or can we meet virtually?
    Covid-19 and technology have created an avenue for people to participate in counseling in many different ways. Each counselor at Insight Counseling offers both virtual and in person sessions. Please speak directly to your counselor about their virtual platform and you can then schedule accordingly. The decision is up to you and your counselor!
  • What can I do while I am waiting for my counselor to come get me?
    We kindly ask that everyone refrain from using their cell phone for speaking conversations while in the waiting room. You will be asked to step into the hallway if you are talking on the phone. While you can use your phone to silently play games, catch up on emails or do some online shopping, we also have plenty of magazines and children’s books to look through while waiting. Our suggestion is to put your phone away as the time in the waiting room is a great time to catch your breath, relax and prepare your mind for a self-help hour!
  • What is therapy?
    In a very simple answer? Therapy is simply just a conversation. These conversations build upon each other in order to create a trusting relationship with you and your therapist. Throughout these conversations, you will be heard, supported and possibly challenged with care in order to help achieve goals and/or changes that you want to address. Clinically speaking, therapy is the process of meeting with a therapist or counselor to help you explore and resolve problematic behaviors, thinking patterns, beliefs, and/or relationships with yourself or others.
  • Can therapy help me?
    Yes! The counselors at Insight Counseling of Chesterfield believe in the ability of growth and change. The progress of growth and change is directly related to you, the relationship that is built with the counselor and the willingness and belief in growth, change and healing.
  • What will we discuss in therapy?
    That is up to you! Most people contact a therapist when there is a pressing issue or situation in which they feel they need guidance or support. At Insight Counseling, we believe that meeting our clients based on their needs is the most important piece of counseling. While in therapy, you may be asked to discuss many different topics. A few of those topics include the situation for which you called, family dynamic, relationships, personal experience and beliefs. Each client is different, therefore, each session is dependent on the client’s particular needs.
  • What are your fees?
    Each counselor that works within Insight Counseling of Chesterfield has their own set fee. These fees are based on education level, experience and the current rate of counseling services. These fees are listed under each counselor's profile. Please feel free to speak to your counselor about their fees.
  • Do you take insurance?
    At Insight Counseling, all of our counselors are out-of-network providers. Our counselors do not submit or provide any information to insurance companies directly. However, at the end of each session, your counselor can provide you with a diagnostic receipt called a SuperBill. A SuperBill is an in-depth receipt that shows that the session has been paid for and it also provides the clinical coding information that insurance companies require in order to reimburse for the counseling session. In order to receive reimbursement, you must contact your insurance company in order to to provide them with the SuperBill. The amount of reimbursement is dependent on the insurance company and plan that you hold.
  • How do I pay for my counseling sessions?
    Payment is due at the beginning of each session. Forms of accepted payment include cash, check or credit card. Your individual counselor will be the one to accept the payment.
  • What if I have to cancel my appointment?
    If you are needing to cancel your appointment, please contact your individual counselor directly.
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